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Burundi Friends of Education
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One of the most powerful means of propagating and sustaining socio- economic developments is the educational system in a society. Education transmits society's collective knowledge from one generation to the next, it equips each new generation to face future opportunities and challenges with knowledge gathered from the past. That knowledge shows the young generation the opportunities ahead for them, and thereby raises their aspiration to achieve more. Information imparted by education raises the level of expectations of youth, as well as aspirations for higher income. Education also equips youth with the mental capacity to devise ways and means to improve productivity and enhance living standards.


Burundi Flag image.
White color represents peace, green represents the nation's hopes for developmen


Burundi (officially the Republic of Burundi) is a small country located in central-eastern Africa in the Great Lakes region. Its population is 12,241,065 (based on July 2021 estimates).

Capital: Gitega (political)

               Bujumbura (economic)


Kirundi: National and official

French & English (official)


The statistical breakdown on students enrolled in schools is as follow:

Primary/ elementary Education (

Completion/ graduation rate was 59.376 in 2019


Gross graduation ratio was 19.5% in 2014.

Lower Secondary School Age (12-16) out of school: 33.669 % in 2019.

The literacy rate

The literacy rate of the population aged fifteen (15) and older is 68.4% in 2017.



The above data collected shows that primary, secondary and tertiary education in Burundi are very low.  Strategies for improving students success and graduation rates at all levels should take into consideration the following factors, including but not limited to students learning needs, retention programs, dropout rates prevention, educational infrastructure, instructional materials, sanitation, information communication technology (ICT), transportation, poverty, natural resources, and political instability.

 To that end, Burundi Friends of Education propose the following actions to bring about positive outcomes to Burundi community.

Action Plan
Burundi Friends of Education will hold annual conferences and/or  symposiums to "make an inventory" of the needs of the country (Burundi) and to identify contributing factors to socioeconomic stability and progress at local and/or national levels and to propose action plans that meet these needs. Please check April 2022 Symposium on this Website.


Funds raised through this virtual Symposium (April 15-16, 2022) will be used to buy computers, electronic equipment and internet connections to support teaching and learning in secondary schools located in Kamenge, namely the Lycée Municipal de Kamenge,   Ecofo Kamenge I, Ecofo Kamenge III  and Ecofo Mirango I at this moment in time. These four (4) secondary schools are NOT equipped with any computers for faculty and students.


Donate to support teaching and learning with technology in the schools. 


For USA: Make check payable to: Sierra Vista Community Church (SVCC)

 In the memo line (write): Burundi Education Mission


Outside the USA: Send MoneyGram and/or money orders to:


 Sierra Vista Community Church / Burundi Education Mission



Sierra Vista Community Church (SVCC)

890 Morse Avenue

Sacramento, CA 95864

(916) 483-5501


Sierra Vista Community Church is a Congregation of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) & the United Church of Christ.

Note: Sierra Vista Community Church (SVCC) is a nonprofit organization 501 (c) (3) in the US. You donation is tax-deductible in the US. 

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